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18 Movies with Amazing Concepts And Terrible Executions

Ugh, these kinds of movies are always the most disappointing.

You go in, popcorn ready, sit down, and you’re STOKED! This movie is so up your alley! You shimmy through previews, wiggle through the credits and then…

Uhm. What? What is this absolute misfire?

Reddit user u/NAJ2OO2 asked the Reddit community,

“What movie had a great concept but was executed poorly?”

And we knew that feeling oh-too-well. Here are some of the best answers.

1. Wonder Woman 1984

“It was the first movie I ever walked out on, and I watched it at home.”


“What’s infuriating is that Maxwell Lord is fantastic as a villain, but they made everything in the plot happen way too fast, thanks to his ability to get basically everything he wants right away. So there isn’t any real buildup or context for it to make sense. One second he’s making his oil business successful, and the next he’s causing a war.”


2. Downsizing


“Went in expecting a comedic romp about a marriage where one person got the Honey, I Shrunk the Kids treatment; somehow ended up with environmentalist refugees in a fjord?? I think they cobbled multiple scripts together on that one. There’s no other explanation.”


3. Percy Jackson films


“Those movies were executed about as well as Nearly Headless Nick.”


4. Mortal Engines


“I am once again begging people to read the original novels — which were excellent and packed with world-building — over the film, which was studio-interfered let’s-make-the-finale-StarWars-for-no-reason shit.”


5. Eragon

“Books are great. Movie was a disgrace.”


6. In Time


“The concept seemed amazing and I really wanted to like it, but then it got to the arm wrestling scene, and I just couldn’t stay on board.”


7. The Last Airbender

“M. Night Shyamalan can actually go f-ck himself with this one.”


8. Splice

“It seemed promising and was interesting for the first 30 minutes or so, until it all went so horribly wrong.”


9. The Lovely Bones

“Great book, wonderful thriller. But the movie spent 90% of its time bullshitting around in purgatory, jerking themselves off as much as possible at how much CGI they could afford.”


10. Death Note

“How they managed to fuck that brilliant story up still confounds me.”


11. Old

“Two-hour movie. And the only interesting part is the last 15 minutes. By then, I didn’t give a shit anymore.”


“The concept of what the beach does to people is great and could have been super scary, but the execution and the acting….oof.”


12. Bright

“I loved the concept, but it didn’t show all the types of creatures it claimed coexisted and just went about things in a relatively boring way.”


“It was a generic cop action movie that happened to have an orc in it.”


13. Tomorrowland

“Loved the setup and characters, but it lost its way.”


14. Jupiter Ascending

“It had so much potential.”


15. Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

“If they could have just decided what kind of movie they wanted it to be, it would have been a fun movie.”


16. Hancock


“The idea of a homeless superhero had so much potential. They didn’t even have to explain his powers. It could’ve been like an underdog version of Deadpool.”


“It’s two movies sewn together extremely poorly.”


17. Waterworld

“The idea of a flooded Earth with a new, aquatic post-apoc society and a mythical hunt for land should be way more interesting than that shipwreck of a film.”


18. Passengers

“The movie had me hooked for a decent while but never reached its potential.”


“Would have been a lot more interesting if told from Jennifer Lawrence’s perspective.”