25 Cringeworthy Movie Moments That Will Never Not Be Hard To Watch

There are some movie moments that are too much for even the biggest horror fans. Moments that you watch through your fingers with your hands clasped over your eyes, and that you hope you’ll never have to see again. But because we’re complete masochists, we thought it would be fun to do a whole post of these horrible moments that make us cringe. You’re welcome/we’re sorry!

*Warning: These images are graphic! I mean, they’re fake, but they’re still terrible, so be forewarned.*

1. In The Sixth Sense, when a ghost in the kitchen that Cole thought was his mom (spoiler: it was not his mom) turns around and starts yelling at him. 

Buena Vista Pictures

2. When Bilbo Baggins sees the ring around Frodo’s neck and becomes briefly possessed in The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring


3. This scene from Bug when Peter Evans pulls his teeth out using pliers. 

4. In Black Swan, when Nina pulls on a hangnail and accidentally strips a whole bunch of skin from her finger. 

Fox Searchlight Pictures

5. The shower scene in the original IT when Eddie was forced to shower in the boys’ locker room and Pennywise came up out of the drain. 

Warner Bros.

6. When Paul in Buried gets trapped in a coffin underground that starts to slowly fill with sand. 


7. When Annie “hobbled” Paul in Misery using a sledgehammer. 


8. When John Wick’s dog gets killed!

Summit Entertainment

9. And when Will Smith’s character has to put his dog (his only friend!) down in I Am Legend. 

Warner Bros.  

10. When Hooper discovers the head of Ben Gardner in Jaws

Universal Pictures

11. When Jared Leto’s character sticks a needle into the already nasty abscess on his arm in Requiem for a Dream.  

Artisan Entertainment

12. The “Squeal like a pig” scene from Deliverance. Classic. 

13. When Jack goes into room 237 in The Shining and thinks he sees a beautiful woman but it turns out to be a corpse. 

Warner Bros.

14.  The end of The Mist, when David kills everyone (including his own child) to spare them horrific deaths, only to be rescued himself by the army mere minutes later. 

Dimension Films

15. When Eric pulls a hypodermic needle from underneath his eye in the Evil Dead remake. 

TriStar Pictures

16. When Ashlyn and Ashley get trapped in tanning beds in Final Destination 3

New Line Cinema

17. Ugh, the “Bite the curb” scene from American History X

18. When Charlie gets decapitated in Hereditary


19. When they’re watching the news report and the alien suddenly appears and walks across the street in Signs

Buena Vista Pictures

20. In Saw, when it turns out the “dead body” on the ground was actually Jigsaw. 


21. When Dae-su eats a live damn octopus in Oldboy

Tartan Films

22. In Poltergeist, when Marty hallucinates that he’s pulling all the skin off his face. 


23. When Freddie Krueger shows up in the bathtub in Nightmare on Elm Street

New Line Cinema

24. When Aron cuts off his own arm in 127 Hours

Fox Searchlight Pictures

25. And finally, this torture scene with a wire from Audition. YIKES.

h/t: BuzzFeed, Complex