20 Things That Look Cool In Movies But Actually Suck In Real Life

Thanks to u/13FiSTrecruiting recently asking the AskReddit community:

“What looks fun in movies, but in real lifet is miserable?”

We can all put aside some of our more romantic notions and ideas about How To Live Our Lives. Check out some of the best here!

1. Bakeries & Coffee Shops

Owning an artisan bakery / coffee shop.


2. Law

Being an attorney.


3. Tall Grass

“Sleeping in tall grass. In reality, those fields would be infested with bugs that are more than likely to bite you.”


4. Stakeouts

“Stakeouts. My husband did one once. It basically consisted of sitting in a parking lot all night unable to turn the car on for heat or music and having to stare at the back entrance of a grocery store. He did it for five nights. Sounds incredibly boring.”


5. Glow Ups

“Montages where they’re working hard. Especially if it’s a ‘glow-up’ thing full of exercise and dieting and self-improvement. In reality it kinda sucks. There’s no fast-forward and no silly music.”


6. Pranks

“Elaborate pranks. Great for comedies…and also a great way to fuck up relationships.”


7. Dig Dig Dig

 “Digging a hole. Cartoons make it look so easy and quick. In reality hours of back-breaking work will get you six inches down.”


8. Fights

“Fighting. Seriously, don’t do it. I have six felony charges and can’t do anything that I wanted to do in my younger years. No one likes an aggressive person. You’re not gonna get any babes, or whatever.”



“Penetrative sex with only a few seconds of kissing as ‘foreplay.’ Sooooo painful!”


10. Showers

 “Sex in the shower. It’s cramped and difficult to find a good angle, you can’t move too much without the risk of slipping, and water is a terrible lubricant.”


11. Boom

“Walking away slowly from a nearby explosion.”


12. Action

“Military movies where there is always action happening. Really? Really, Hollywood?”


13. *click*

“Hanging up on people. In movies, it makes you look badass and mysterious. In real life, it makes you look like an inconsiderate asshole and will prompt a ‘WTF happened’ callback.”


14. CPR

 “CPR. On TV it’s just a fun cutesy little water coughing thing that you recover from immediately. In real life it involves breaking ribs and maybe dying anyway.”


15. High school

“High school ‘kids’ have like 30-minute breaks between classes…if they’re even going to those classes. In reality, I had like five minutes to get to class on time. I didn’t have time to use the toilet, let alone talk to friends.”


16. Snow

“Doing anything in the snow. It’s bitter, cold, makes your nose run, glasses foggy, and it’s not always fluffy. Also generally anything cute to wear is not warm enough.”


17. Frat parties

“Cramped frat parties. I went to one thinking it would be a great first time experience, but I really just ended up hating how stuffy the place was and how drunk some people were.”


18. Smash!

Smashing a window with your fist.


19. Kissing

Kissing after waking up.


20. Desert

Living on a desert island.