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People Won’t Stop Roasting Robert Pattinson’s “Emo Kid” Look In “The Batman” Trailer (25 Tweets)

Batman is always in his feelings, that’s true in almost every Batman film except possible the George Clooney version. Clooney is way too cocky to really show the vulnerability the character desperately needs to fill the Batsuit full of feels. Robert Pattinson is actually an ingenious choice. While I was skeptical at first, he did spend years pretending to be the extremely emo Edward Cullen, who is a vampire which is basically a bat.

Natural progression, and the trailer has proved this to be true. People can’t stop commenting on how much it looks like Pattinson’s Batman would post sad selfies on MySpace and paint his nails black while listening to Mayday Parade.

While most emo boys grew up to be non-emo men who eventually got therapy, Batman has a billion dollars and can instead invest heavily in an alter-ego that allows him to wander the streets in an elaborate costume. It’s kind of like he got into cosplay, but in a universe where the concept of cosplay doesn’t exist and everyone dresses up in clown makeup for extremely real and serious reasons. This movie looks kinda silly, but at least we can enjoy it for the sense of nostalgia Batman’s haircut brings.