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TikToker Reveals A Raunchy Scene In “Shrek” And People Are A Little Traumatized

Recently, Shrek celebrated its 20th anniversary.

Shrek, the beloved children’s film-turned-internet’s-largest-meme, is now entering its “timeless classic” phase.

And then everything was ruined by TikTok user Kathy Martinez.

What Martinez does is ruin childhoods by exposing all the adult content hidden in plain sight.

The first post in this series features a scene from the live-action Cat in the Hat film.

The children wanted to know where the cat came from and the cat (played by Mike Meyers) decided to tell them about the birds and the bees.

They decide to WHAT, cat??

The post received nearly 300K views and Martinez went on to make more TikToks exposing The Cat in the Hat.

Then, Martinez turned to Shrek.

The post involves a scene in Lord Farquaad’s bedroom, with him underneath some zebra-print sheets that are really something to behold.

“Mirror, mirror, show her to me. Show me the princess,” Lord Farquaad said.

The magic mirror shows Princess Fiona. The mirror, though, does so looking super grossed out.

Lord Farquaad said “Ah, perfect,” and Kathy noticed a little fabric rising in a location that would make sense for fabric to rise.

The fabric began to rise riiiiiiiiiight after Lord Farquuad made a surprised face that could also be interpreted as embarrassed.

As adults watching it in this context, everything began to make sense for people.

And thanks to this viral video, a lot of people’s days were ruined.

And we mean A LOT OF DAYS.

What is it with animators and dicks? Like, for real. Why do they do this? Why penises? Do we need an animator intervention? Please, tell us what we need to do to make it stop.