Someone Paired Iconic Movies That Can Both Be Described With The Same Sentence

Has every story already been told? This series made by Imgur user WullieBlake makes a good case for taking a pause on the movie-making industry while we figure out what’s going on. They managed to pair film after film with a single shared tagline that was totally applicable to both. It would actually make a pretty fun Twitter game, but WullieBlake made images and everything. They posted the series for us all to enjoy and then painfully try to think up other examples.

I have a couple of criticisms—they did compare women to horses and make a joke about anal sex that just does not feel right to me. But this is also Imgur and I have low expectations for people not being kinda jerks on it. And there were a few commenters who called it out, too:

Though re-reading those comments, maybe they’re on board. See if you are:

1. Titanic and Avatar

“Main character turns blue in the end.”

2. Jurassic Park and The Expendables

“Dinosaurs back in action.”

3. Castaway and Apollo 13

“Tom Hank’s flight doesn’t go well.”

4. Finding Nemo and Jaws

“Everybody’s looking for one fish and then they find it.”

5. Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls and Batman Forever

“Jim Carrey really hates bats.”

6. The Lord of the Rings and Brokeback Mountain

“Two guys go on a mountain and destroy a ring.”

7. Black Beauty and Sex and the City 2

“Horses run wild.”

8. Aladdin and Les Misérables

“Stole a loaf of bread, sh*t happened, became a good person.”

9. Titanic and The Sixth Sense

“Icy dead people.”

10. Mrs. Doubtfire and The Empire Strikes Back


11. The Breakfast Club and The Human Centipede

“We have to put aside our differences and stick together.”

12. Home Alone and Saw

“Main character enjoys making traps to punish bad people.”

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