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The “My Headphones” Meme Has Been Updated For 2020 And People Are Listening To Bops

If you’ve been looking for new music, this “my headphones” meme is the one for you. Complex reports that it’s a revamp of a meme from 2019, that went something like this: someone asks if you’re okay, you say “fine” and in your headphones your true feelings are revealed by the song you’re listening to:

The new version pretty much skips over anyone asking how you’re doing, getting straight to what’s in your headphones. I appreciate that because obviously none of us are fine, why even ask? 

It also largely relies on visual imagery. On the left is a picture of a man with earbuds in, looking extremely serious. That picture is labeled “me in public.” Then, on the right, there’s s a screenshot of a song labeled “my headphones” representing what they’re really listening to. They’re mostly cheerful, kitschy, or love songs, at odds with the man’s hard exterior. 

my headphones meme, my headphones my music

That man is actually a famous French rapper named Jnr Slice whose fans have found him becoming a meme pretty hilarious:

I don’t know how he feels about it, but he did retweet this:

Maybe he has more of a sense of humor than his expression implies. The My Headphones meme has gotten super popular and I gotta say, I really hope someone makes a Spotify playlist with all these jams. We all need some bops in our headphones right now. Enjoy the sound inspo: