This ‘Bird Box’ Theory About Mental Health Actually Makes A Lot Of Sense

Unless you’re living under a rock, I’m sure you’ve heard about the latest movie to sweep social media, creating a new world of memes, jokes, and theories—Bird Box. The Netflix original film starring Sandra Bullock is about a monster that no one can “see,” because if they see it, they die. The film, therefore, has many people living their lives blindfolded to avoid the monster. Bullock and her children go on a journey to find safety, taking the entire trip blindfolded. Many people online have begun obsessing over the thriller and even trying to do the Bird Box challenge, where they complete tasks blindfolded.

But, while many have been fangirling over the movie, some may have missed the bigger picture and deeper message. According to one Twitter thread, that makes a lot of sense, the film has a huge underlying message about mental health and mental illnesses. Twitter user @alisonpool_ shared the theory online and since posting, it has gone viral across the network.

She claims that the monster in the film represents a personified version of “mental illness,” stating the monster makes you “hear voices” and commit suicide.

She also points out that the characters interact with many different symptoms of mental illnesses.

She pointed out that the point of having individuals blindfolded is to prove that mental illnesses have no “face” and can affect anybody.

She also shared specific scenes that prove the theory true.

Many people on Twitter agreed that the theory seemed super on point and that it was woke AF.