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People Are Sharing Their Favorite Gordon Ramsay Insults To Use In Everyday Life

Gordon Ramsay is famous for being a chef, but he is arguably more famous for being extremely rude. The man would not be the reality TV star he is without his talent for rapid, specific, and absolutely cutting insults delivered with the utmost conviction. Fans love him for it, even though most of them would fall to the ground weeping if he ever stopped by their kitchen to criticize their homemade risotto.

An r/AskReddit thread started by u/TheDemonicPsycho illustrates just how memorable Ramsay’s way with words is when they asked, “What is your favorite Gordon Ramsay insult?” Below are some of the best, which you’re welcome to integrate into your own daily life when called for. But tread lightly: you might not come out of it as well as Ramsay.


There was a woman who whistled at him to fix her food and he goes “Don’t f*cking whistle at me you look more like a dog than I do” Then when he got her food ready he said something like make sure you put a leash on her plate so the bitch doesn’t run off with it. —Stellaextra22

gordon ramsay insult, gordon ramsay insults, gordon ramsay idiot sandwich


Gordon Ramsay: was there anything I ate tonight that wasn’t microwaved?

Person: the salad

Gordon Ramsay: of course the salad wasn’t microwaved you F*cking Donut —fireflies123_


“You stuck up precious little bitch.” Such eloquence. —UndertowEchoes

gordon ramsay insult, gordon ramsay insults, gordon ramsay idiot sandwich


You useless pile of yankee dankee doodle sh*te. I told that to my dad and he laughed for quite a while. —K1N6_V1P3R


“I’ve never, ever, ever met someone I believe in as little as you.” —thiswasyouridea

gordon ramsay insult, gordon ramsay insults, gordon ramsay idiot sandwich


Some of my absoloute favorite Gordon Ramsay insults, mostly because they are so spontaneous!

  1. “You give me them anaemic bits of sh*t, I’ll f*cking throw them up your ass sideways.”

  2. “Hey panini head, are you listening to me?”

  3. “For what we are about to eat, may the Lord make us truly not vomit.”

  4. “This crab is so undercooked I can still hear it singing ‘Under the Sea.'”

  5. “How about a thank you, you miserable wee b*tch?” —drunkolive99


“Come here you! You useless sack of piss and wind” —wolfofluna


“Andy, you’re a first class c*nt”

“You’re about as consistent as pigeon sh*t on Trafalgar Square”

“F*ck me? How about f*ck you”

“And he’s standing there looking like a toilet brush”

“F*ck off you piece of f*cking yankie dankie doodle sh*te, F*ck off will you please yeah?”

“Right, well I’ll get you your pumpkin,and I’ll ram it up your f*ckin ass,would you like it whole or diced?”

“Don’t whistle at me I’m not your f*cking dog, you look like more of a dog than I do”

Just some of my favorites —CallMeKevinsUsedSock

  gordon ramsay insult, gordon ramsay insults, gordon ramsay idiot sandwich 


You f*cking donkey. —bronxafrican


“This soup is DRY!” —MCA2142