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People Both Loved And Hated John Krasinski’s Kiss With Pete Davidson On “SNL”

It’s Tuesday, which means that if you haven’t heard about the Pete Davidson/John Krasinski SNL kiss, you aren’t spending enough time on the internet.

(Bless you, by the way. What’s your secret?)

This past weekend marked SNL’s return from winter break. John Krasinki served as the evening’s host, with Machine Gun Kelly performing in the musical guest slot. 

During the traditional SNL host monologue, Krasinski and the show’s writers played to America’s universal love for The Office. Krasinski played lovable Jim Halpert on the show, which has seen a popularity resurgence within the past few years, thanks to streaming services. 

Look! He even did The Jim!

In the video, Krasinski took questions from the “audience,” aka the SNL cast. Every question was about The Office and they also only called him “Jim.” 

Cast member Kenan Thompson’s question was “Kiss Pam.” 

Krasinski called out to SNL creator Lorne Michaels for help and Pete Davidson arrived onstage shortly after to explain The Office obsession was due to binge watching the show during quarantine. 

Davidson then tells Krasinski he needs to give the audience what they want. He needs to kiss Pam. Luckily, Davidson was there to step in as Pam.

There were the people who loved it.

And those who were disappointed, including many people in the LGBTQ+ community, which criticized SNL for using a same-gender kiss as a comedy stunt.

There were also a couple people who weren’t sure what to think of it.

Regardless, SNL got a lot of people talking.