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“Who Is The Most Unlikeable TV Character Of All Time?”—A Viral Thread (37 Tweets)

Last Wednesday, the Internet’s foremost entertainment review website asked a question they must’ve known would cause instant debate: “Who is the most unlikeable TV character of all time?” tweeted Rotten Tomatoes

According to the thousands of replies, plenty of TV shows had more than one detestable character—Games of Thrones’ Joffrey Baratheon and Ramsay Bolton, The Office’s Toby and Robert California, Ross and Phoebe from Friends. These are understandably unlikeable characters—they were designed that way (except for Phoebe, what’s wrong with y’all?). 

Many other responses called out “unlikeable” characters that on the surface you never really thought of as “unlikeable” but…now that you think about it…kind of suck. Scrappy Doo came up often, as did George Costanza and…Caillou. The hate for Caillou was unprecedented and was even backed by actor Sterling K. Brown. 

Here are more of the most unlikeable TV characters of all time:






worst tv character, most unlikeable tv character, worst tv character ever 





worst tv character, most unlikeable tv character, worst tv character ever


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