Some Movie Plot Holes Are So Big You Could Drive A Truck Through Them (20 Posts)

Are you one of those people who can’t enjoy a movie if you find a gaping plot hole? There are a lot of movies out there with outrageous logical discrepancies, and despite being entertaining, sometimes the errors in continuity can be distracting and enraging.

On Reddit, folks are talking about the movies they think about the most egregious plot holes, and you know what? It looks like there are two types of people: the ones who are merciless in their dissection of a plot hole and the ones who will do whatever mental gymnastics necessary need to justify its existence. Which one are you? 


“Mission Impossible 2. The guy is trying to create a cure to all flus. To do this he has to invent super-duper flu. He does and he invents a cure. Then they destroy the cure even though it cures all flus? WTF?” — m_faustus


“In Season 2 of Dexter, Rita asks Dexter how he knew how much heroin to give her ex-husband and deduces that Dexter himself is a heroin user. Dexter was top of his class in med school and is a forensics guy. I can’t imagine it would be hard for a guy like that to figure it out.” — kingcobra5352


“My biggest problem is with logistics in the movies. Like one of the planet of the apes sequels. The apes get attacked by the last of humanity, men using these attack helicopters. And I’m sitting there thinking: Does anyone realize how many humans it takes to keep military helicopters flying?” — PopUpWindowPest


Snowpiercer. That track would have been absolutely fucked with no maintenance in minus fuck knows degrees. The rail companies in England can’t even manage to run a full service when there’s a wet leaf somewhere on the track.” — bermobaron


“In Supernatural, it’s mentioned that demons react negatively to the word Christo, but the word is never mentioned again after that episode.” — Raridan


“In Liar, Liar, Jennifer Tilly’s character gets her way in the divorce despite cheating because she lied about her age, therefore making the prenup null and void. However, this would also nullify the entire marriage, entitling her to nothing.” — megsam213


“In Now You See Me 2, why and how did the FBI have any jurisdiction in London. Wouldn’t that be more of an Interpol thing? But character continuity right?” — SleepyPrince


Ocean’s 11. During the blackout scene, there is mad chaos in the casino. People stealing chips and just mass hysteria. Then the team goes to steal the money during the blackout. Afterwards, the lights are back on, and as they walk out of the casino, people in the background act like nothing has happened. No hysteria, just a normal casino with people gambling in a fun and jovial manner.” — revocer


“In Star Trek Into Darkness (2013), Kahn turns out to be a genetically enhanced human with blood with regenerative healing powers, which they need to save Kirk. So they have this big battle on the ground in which they need Kahn alive, but they could have just used the blood from any of the 75 other cryogenically frozen superhumans they had on the ship.” — superspacecadet2


Snow White. Why didn’t the witch just stab her after she fell asleep?” — OddScentedDoorknob

Patricia Grisafi

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