21 COVID Wedding Fails, From Entitled To Plain Trashy

Of course there are COVID wedding fails, Karens need to get married too.

Thanks to the life-altering impact of COVID-19 the last six months have felt like ten years. Nearly everyone’s lives have been changed in ways big and small with routines radically altered and plans dashed. For now, we wear masks everywhere we go and don’t eat in restaurants or fly on planes. Everyone is trying to do their best to make sure this horrible time ends as soon as possible by socially distancing and trying to stop the spread of the coronavirus. 

Except people who are getting married of course. They don’t care who they kill.

You’d think elaborate weddings that involve hundreds of people gathering breathily together would be off the table but not so! The American wedding-industrial complex is powerful and has been brainwashing brides for decades into thinking weddings have to match a specific image, costing tens of thousands of dollars.


If you thought a little thing like a global pandemic could stop these bridezillas and their feeble grooms from having their special day, you thought wrong, bucko. 

1. Pretty rude to wanna live another year

2. “People die daily Karen!”covid wedding fail, covid wedding, coronavirus wedding fail, coronavirus wedding, wedding covid, wedding coronavirus, covid wedding fails, coronavirus wedding fails

Wedding Shaming

3. This disaster

4. I don’t think COVID cares if you believe in it

5. Take a hint from the cake!

6. Good lord

7. These two outbreak experts

8. This traveling horror show

9. “Green – I’m comfortable dying from a preventable disease!”

10. This bridezilla going OFF on her bridesmaid