“Karen” Gets Upset At Adult Swim On Twitter And Gets Roasted For It (22 Tweets)

A woman on Twitter who goes by “Soonergurl III%er” is getting dunked on by every other adult in the room after complaining about “Cartoon Network after hours” in reference to a clip from the network’s long-running “Adult Swim” programming block. Adult Swim features TV shows made for adults that are notorious for being rather strange, often using heavy surrealism and experimental animation.

The Twitter account is now protected, but the clip she shared, from the program “Off the Air,” can be viewed on YouTube.

Soonergurl viewed the brief music video featuring surreal figures using naked babies as drumsticks who laugh each time they strike the drum and saw “witches abusing babies.” It’s unclear what the triangle-headed figures are supposed to be, but in their defense, one reacts with clear distress when one of the babies cries, shaking its car keys until the baby starts laughing again.

Compared to some of the content that has come out of Adult Swim, the above clip is pretty tame. Regardless, the woman who posted it was quickly dunked on for failing to realize that Adult Swim is very explicitly for adults, plays late at night, and comes with many warnings against young viewership. It has also been around since 2001.

Her tweet and the general response to it gained so much attention that even Adult Swim responded to it, denouncing “Karens” who don’t properly supervise their kids.

“Here’s a message to all the Karens out there,” the classic Adult Swim white text reads. “Parent your damn kids. Because if you let your babies watch our block then our witches will use them as instruments.”

It’s notable that the “III%er” in OP’sTwitter name refers to the Three Percenters, an anti-government, far-right militia group founded shortly after Barack Obama was elected president, ostensibly to protect gun ownership rights in the country. They have been listed by the Southern Poverty Law Center and the Anti-Defamation League as a dangerous group with strong white supremacist indicators.

This might help explain why so many people leaned in so heavily on the jokes about this hysteria around Adult Swim. Here is a selection of our favorites:













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