People Doing Awful Things For Attention On Social Media (35 Pics)

Thanks to social media, there are too many people who will do anything for attention. This was probably always an issue, but when you add getting “likes” to the situation it’s jet fuel on the fire.

My theory is one of these next generations will go hard the other way. They’ll rebel. Be private. They will write handwritten letters to each other. The New Analog Generation. I mean sure, this might be because there was an apocalypse situation, but after looking at these people do you really think we’re that far from a fall of society?

1. Please don’t do this.


2. Farmer’s flower field destroyed by tourists.

3. We share this planet.


4. To jail with you.

5. This guy filled a river with soap and destroyed an entire ecosystem, all for some TikTok clout.

6. Worth it?


7. Why are you like this?

8. What did you think was going to happen?


9. Russian model risks death for the gram.

10. Stepping all over plants in a conservatory just to get your IG model shots, even while staff asked you to stop.

11. Cute girl…cute caption…wait…



12. Wow they look so happy you’re there.

13. This should end this, but it won’t.


14. Dude is flexing his Louis Vuitton bag on Auschwitz train tracks.

15. And another one.

16. Can I borrow your tatts?