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Turns Out A Lot Of People Think “Onion” Headlines Are Real (20 Pics)

I sure hope none of these people read Swift’s “A Modest Proposal”.

These 20 people below were confused by the satire on popular site The Onion and truly believed that the stories, which I again stress are not real, were… real.

Pity these fools.

‘Ate The Onion’ is a subreddit dedicated to collecting screenshots of these — bless their hearts — morons.

1. Flue. Shot. She says.

coolkanood / Reddit

2. Yes. Yes they did, dumb dumb

mortalstampede / Reddit

3. Honestly, I do not.

Thejester03 / Reddit

4. How could he not get it!?


5. I mean, we’re doomed, and because of one person in this picture, but it’s not Biden.

daltontf1212 / Reddit

6. So young

blockguy143 / Reddit

7. Lawd

mortalstampede / Reddit

8. TBH, I say: go for it.

ka6emusha / Reddit

9. It’s not, dude. Chill.

Darth_Inconsiderate / Reddit

10. Nobody. That’s the joke.

PerAsperaAdInfiri / Reddit

11. Dumb baby.

12. Nobody would, kid. Nobody would.

13. Oh, vegans.

14. Down with GTA

15. I– sigh.

16. What a dumb sub

17. Oof.

18. What a question

19. To be fair.

20. Flat