Sometimes Tattoos Don’t Mean Anything, They’re Just Really Bad (40 Tattoo Fails)

Art is subjective and so are tattoos. There’s a loving home out there for every butterfly tramp stamp that would make the rest of us cringe with vicarious shame. But bad tattoos are permanent, which raises the stakes, and some of this permanent body art is just…awful.

Whether it’s a terrible concept, toddler-like artistry, or an unfortunate typo that they will cherish forever, some tattoos result in an involuntary face-palm reaction from all who have the misfortune of viewing them.

Laser tattoo removal is expensive so don’t tell your friend what you really think about their late-night decision but feel free to cackle in private about the decision-making skills of these poor, unfortunate souls.

We scoured the internet for some of the worst tattoos ever inked and here are the artistic abominations we found.











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