Gee! Thanks, Boss! (44 Bad Management Signs)

It’s no secret that employers aren’t exactly your friend. The employee is there to make money for the company, so generally speaking, they really don’t care if you’re happy or not. 

The subreddit, r/ThanksManagement is a corner of the internet devoted to sharing all the messed up things management does and notices from managers, owners, landlords, school administrators, and mean bosses with bad work signs. 

All of these notices look like they would say they’re “like a family” when they hire you and then emotionally wear you down every day until you crumble. There are better places to work! It’s worth your time to look for them, trust me. 

1. I’m sure he would be giving the money straight to the church!

2. You’re fired for not having a luxury car. 

3. From Best Buy training. 

4. Anarchy! 

5. They said “are you in?” because they weren’t. 

6. This is just sad. 

7. Free saliva in your drink! 

8. “We’re a family here!” 

9. This is so evil. 

10. Gentle reminder from management. 

11. More sexism in the gym, just what we needed. 

12. The battle of the fonts. 

13. It’s like ten cents. 

14. This boss sucks. 

15. My doctor said I’m a human who needs water. 

16. We only sell the natural alternatives to vaping! 

17. Being on time takes a lot of skill. 

18. Wow you have no idea how much this means to me. 

19. I’m calling OSHA. 

20. This is a joke, but it’s also not a joke. 

21. I wish you would give me a raise! 

22. Debbie is pretty kinky!

23. Candy isn’t jerkin around! 

24. How many times did this happen before a sign was needed? 

25. This is just mean and unnecessary. 

26. You have exceeded the number of eye movements taking a test at home. 

27. I hope this is a joke. 

28. Be afraid of both! 

29. Excuse me, what? 

30. This table is for working only. 

31. Cook the landlord instead.

32. 2 hour minimum parking.

33. They’re about to have to put up a now hiring sign. 

34. Standing is not an option. 

35. If he’s this mad about weed, he’s way too uptight. 

36. Thanks for less than $1

37. Nobody is allowed to celebrate Labor Day

38. Do not play an incredibly popular band. 

39. The legendary bandit. 

40. Keep doing it.

41. I’d prefer if we didn’t. 

42. The learning academy isn’t bringing it’s best. 

43. Abandon your humanity for your job

44. Big Lots union busting propaganda