50 Things That Could Only Have Happened In Florida

Oh, Florida

1. A bullet that apparently only needed a band-aid.

2. Do you see a manatee? I am not sure I do.

3. ‘Skip’ the traffic boredom.

4. It was totally a bag full of drugs.

5. Woman late to learn about coronavirus after trip.

6. She really wanted some extra sauce.

7. COVID-19 ‘cure’ was actually bleach.

8. Man caught camping on Disney’s Discovery Island.

9. Girl was really struggling with homework.

10. A bizarre way to fill Easter eggs.

11. But at least it wasn’t an actual cane?

12. People wonder if drinking disinfectant is a good idea.

13. Drag Queen raises hundreds after passing out during live show.

14. Man stealing electronics uses underwear to hide face.

15. Man hangs a big roll of toilet paper in yard for some reason.

16. Woman finds millions in bank account from stimulus.

17. Wrestling is essential, Florida says.

18. Trump supporter buys out store’s toilet paper.

19. Hair dryer might not be the best coronavirus cure.

20. Woman licks plane toilet seat for some sort of reason.

21. Toilet paper delivered with drone technology.

22. Publix fried chicken helps man catch big fish.

23. Man allowed kid to drive Jeep super fast.

24. Naked man asserts his ‘Batman’ identity to deputies.

25. Man with a bunch of weed tries to also steal plane.