TikTok Nurses Recreate Dancing Coffin Meme With “Dead Body”

Nurses on the front line of the coronavirus pandemic are being hailed as heroes around the country—so much so that the Navy’s Blue Angels and the Air Force’s Thunderbirds have been conducting formation flights over major United States cities to honor essential workers and health care personnel. However, at least one group of COVID nurses, in particular, have come under fire for what many are calling out as a distasteful TikTok stunt.

Political activist and commentator Julia Song posted the following video to Twitter on Wednesday, from what appears to be a since-deactivated TikTok account. In the video, a team of five nurses carries what appears to be a fake cadaver marked “COVID 19” to the popular dancing Ghanian pallbearers meme music.

“The corona TikTok nurse videos cannot get any wor…” Song added.

The video quickly went viral, as others piled on to add their own two cents. “All of these TikTok videos with choreographed nurses in hospitals are starting to rattle me,” added one user, alongside a Spiderman meme, while another responded with a photo of a man at a protest holding an “arrest TikTok nurses” sign.

Plenty of others had similar sentiments:

However, at least a few people defended the nurses. One user pointed out that people are overreacting, and that the “dead body” in the video is supposed to represent the death of the virus itself because the nurses literally beat it.

On one hand, making light of a deadly pandemic for sure seems in poor taste. On the other hand, healthcare personnel on the front line of this pandemic also needs to blow off steam just like the rest of us, so maybe we should give COVID nurses a break?

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