Here’s a Bunch of People Who Are Being Jerks About COVID-19 (15 Pics)

We’re now seven months into the COVID-19 pandemic and things are way worse off than they should be, with cases spiking nationally.

Overall, Americans have been really bad about following scientifically sound advice. Since there are so many people who won’t listen, we’ll resort to another tactic: Internet shaming. 

Here’s our list of jerks who deserve a little attention for their behaviors. 

1. This person, who don’t understand that wearing a mask is actually pro-life

This guy is a gold mine. from facepalm

2. This person, who needs a history refresher on what the Gestapo actually was.

3. This mom, whose own daughter had to parent her.

4. Whatever lowlife did this to Justin.

5. The United States president, who tested positive for COVID-19.

Never settle from facepalm

6. And Senator Mike Lee, who showed up to a senate hearing while contagious.

7. This generous tipper.

8. White supremacist Baked Alaska.

10. The person in charge of this layout.

One way, please. from mildlyinfuriating