Deceptive Packaging Should Probably Be Illegal (50 Pics)

Deceptive packaging should be illegal if it makes someone purchase something they wouldn’t have if they were honest. Products shouldn’t require extra research for someone to figure out if it’s actually what the package says it is. It turns out there is a law called the Fair Packaging and Labeling Act, which is supposed to keep consumers safe from predatory practices from companies, but it seems like that really just tells you how much the products weigh. 

These people a justifiably upset that their purchases weren’t as honest as they had expected. It’s pretty frustrating to spend money on something and when you receive it, it’s not what you were hoping for. They probably won’t be purchasing from the companies who sold it to them again. 

1. ‘1001 Stickers And 768 Of Them Are Useless Squares. Thanks, Disney’

2. ‘Tricked By The Packaging Of My Moisturizing Cream’

3. ‘Is Anyone Else Bothered By Deceptive Packaging Like This?’

4. ‘Bought These Sticky Notes Cause I Thought The Gold Border Was Nice’

5. ‘My Sister Got This For Her Birthday’

6. ‘The Sticker Was A Lie’

7. ‘Ahh Yes, Reality Is Often Disappointing’

8. “Printed All Over” And Deliberately Leaves The Pattern On The Outside Of The Package’

9. ‘Natural My Ass’

10. ‘Rolling Stone Presents (39 Of The) 500 Greatest Songs Of All Time’

11. ‘Both Weigh 500g But The Green One Is In A 30% “Bigger Bag More To Share”‘

12. ‘So Thankful For My Singular Candy Topping’

13. ‘Thought I’d Buy Some Colored Pens. Turns Out Every Single One Of Them Has Blue Ink’

14. ‘Bought A Ball Pit For My Baby’

15. ‘This “Box” Of Beef Jerky’

16. ‘How Can They Even Call This “Non-Dairy?”‘

17. ‘Sales Genius’

18. This Cashew Packaging. I Was Wondering Why My Hand Instantly Hit The Bottom When I Opened It

19. ‘Bought A Coloring Book And Pencils To Keep Myself Busy While I’m Off Work. Thought These Were Full-Size Pencils”

20. ‘New Packaging (Right), Same Quantity’

21. ‘800 Pieces. Yeah Right. The Box Is Half Blocked And 550 Pieces Are Tiny Dot Pieces. My Son Was Not Happy’

22. ‘I Was Wondering Why This Watermelon Juice Tasted So Weird’

23. ‘Bought Some Eye Makeup, Just Realized One Of The Eyeshadows Isn’t Safe For Eyes. Found Out Via White Print On A White Background’

24. ‘My Mother Ordered 1000 Plastic Blocks For Her Nephews. Ended Up Receiving 523’

25. ‘New Means What’s Inside Is Not New’

26. ‘Brand New Protein Powder, Not Even Filled Half Whey’

27. ‘I Guess The Meatballs All Just Wanted A Window Seat’

28. ‘8% Alcohol Or’

29. ‘Tesco Is Selling “Flushable” Wet Wipes Which Are “Harmful To Aquatic Life”‘

30. ‘New Cereal Box Is 11% Taller With 1.6% Less Cereal’

31. ‘No, It’s Not Bigger. It’s Of Same Size’

32. ‘This Box Of Mostly Sticks With Some Matches In It’

33. ‘Disappointment’

34. ‘9 Sticker Rolls. One Mildly Infuriated 7-Year-Old’

35. “Made In U.S.A”

36. ‘Some Acrylic Paints I Bought’

37. ‘Went To The Dollar Store And Had The Choice Between These And After Eights, Got These Cause They We’re Bigger, I Paid For Air’

38. ‘Pain’

39. ‘Actual Size Is Not The Actual Size’

40. ‘Coloring Kit That Is 90% Empty And Counts Each Piece Of Paper As One Piece In 100 Pieces’

41. ‘Coloring Book For My Son’

42. ‘Sneaky Packaging Cheating Us’

43. ‘Package Of The Cheese vs. The Cheese Itself’

44. ‘This Sour Batch Candy Bag Felt Oddly Light’

45. ‘One Of The Blocks Isn’t One Of The Blocks’

46. ‘Xtreme Jerks I’d Say’

47. ‘These Were Locked In A Glass Case Facing Forward So You Couldn’t Just Read The Back Before Purchase’

48. ‘This Pizza Tastes Like False Advertising’

49. ‘Even Worse – It’s Stale’

50. “Thanks Jetstar For My Large Box Of Pencils”