17 Dumb Facebook Posts Because Apparently They Let Literally Anyone Have An Account

Facebook is so wild. It’s pretty much overrun by Boomers who have never face checked anything in their lives and people from your high school who are selling crap from a multilevel marketing scheme. If you don’t log on very much anymore, it’s worth a check to see what incredibly dumb Facebook posts you might have missed over the last 5 years or so. 

1. Don’t we all hate social networking?

2. What’s your point here?

3. This person complaining about a puddle.

4. No need to come out of the closet now! 

5. Great narrating skills.

6. This joke went over really well. 

7. What’s a table? 

8. You’re the problem here.

9. Why are people so mad? 

10. You should volunteer. 

11. Huge day for science.

12. A little mathematician. 

13. Download from where?

14. Very serious speller here.

15. America is dead last in flag comprehension. 

16. Don’t even read it, just post. 

17. Not quite how it works.