17 People Who Got Straight-Up Scammed

If you shop online, chances are you’ve probably been disappointed by a purchase. Some amount of advertising exaggeration can be forgiven (especially when it comes to fast food) but the people on this list? They got straight-up scammed.

1. This unfortunate wig owner

2. This formerly hungry chicken wing fan

3. And this chicken cake fan

4. The owner of this ugly table

5. Whoever overpaid for these bad nachos

6. Someone who got a less-than-breathtaking view

7. Someone with a sense of humor about it at least

8. This disappointed hotel guest

9. And this one who got a little less booze than expected

10. This kid whose birthday cake was hilariously ruined

11. This carrot-starved cook

12. Whoever bought this elderly baby Yoda

13. This should come with jail time

14. This conned vampire

15. Whoever got the short end of the pancake on a stick

16. The person who bought this endangered panda

17. Whoever got this insulting gift

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