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People Who Tried And Failed To Sound Like Big Strong Tough Guys (20 Pics)

Listen. I get it. Sometimes you just want to puff up and make sure the world knows you take TAKE IT. But like, keep those weird moments between you and your mirror, right? Social media doesn’t need to know. People at WalMart don’t need to know. Like. Calm. Down.

Here, let me offer you something to help quell that urge: here are 20 people who did exactly what you think you want to do right now and it’s downright mortifying. Let’s scroll through this list together and make sure you see how stupid each of these people are.

1. Nobody is doing that


2. Science is tough to fight, bro



4. Oh what a douche.


5. I kind of want to watch him have to unscrew it to show the card.


6. You did not.


7. That’ll …terrify her for no reason.


8. How much meth do you think went into this?


9. Run, Samantha!


10. JFC What is with these dudes?

11. No, stop snapchatting

12. 0 to ANGRY

13. Good grief

14. Does he have 4 arms?

15. Nobody wants your watch, dude

16. Jesus.

17. I see…

18. “Wolf Eyes” made me absolutely cringe

19. Someone please f* with him

20. Thank you for the info.