‘I’m Pretty Sure That’s A Crime’: Gym-Goer Faces Backlash For Selfie With Man Changing In Background

Here’s a philosophical question to ponder. If a gym bro gets a sick pump but doesn’t take a selfie afterward, did he even get a sick pump?

Apparently, the answer is no. I saved one Instagram post about a workout routine two years ago when I attempted to make my body look less like a bag of milk. And since then, my explore page has been dominated by people whose bodies are so chiseled that having sex with them probably hurts. They’re in the mirror flexing biceps. Sticking out asses. All in that sexy halogen lighting that only a $200 monthly gym membership can provide.

But it’s gone too far — the selfies have begun to overflow from the gym and seep into the locker room. Scroll through for the latest in crazy gym interactions.

This gym bro took a mirror selfie in the locker room with a changing man in the background

This Mewing Maverick decided to snap a pic of his rad post-workout bod and sweet puka shell necklace. Problem was, there was a naked man in the background — y’know, because he’s in a locker room and all?

The poster, well-versed in crop tops but unfamiliar with cropping photos, asked Twitter, “Can someone cut him out?”

God what a douche. And possibly a criminal?

Enter the internet’s most tolerable gym personality, Joey Swoll, who put the offender in his place.

Gym influencer Joey Swoll called out the man for his inappropriate behavior

Joey Swoll has amassed a huge online following by criticizing poor gym etiquette with his signature one-liner: “Mind your own business, you need to be better.”

And he had the perfect response to this d-bag’s pervy pic.

Swoll reposted the photo on Twitter with the caption: “Don’t take photos in the locker room especially when people are changing. I had to add the *stop sign emojii*. WTF is wrong with you? They need to ban you.”

Gyms crack down on locker room photography

Most gyms, like Crunch Gym and Equinox, have strict rules against taking photos in locker rooms.

But snapping that locker room selfie could result in far bigger penalties than having your gym membership revoked.

In the UK, for instance, it’s usually illegal to take pictures or record videos in locker rooms without permission, thanks to voyeurism laws. Over in the USA, the rules can differ quite a bit from one state to another.

The internet was equally appalled by the man’s clear violation of privacy

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