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And Here’s The Last Thing You Want To Happen During Your Wedding

I don’t want to give away what exactly goes wrong in this wedding ceremony video.

All I’ll say is that it’s a major, major wedding ceremony fail.

It’s one of the last things you want to happen at your wedding.

But I just want you to watch it as I did. Without a clue.

Go on. Watch it now.

But when you’re done, read what I have to say below.

I think my suggestions will only make this video even more entertaining for you.

The funny thing about this video is not the way the minister throws up during the wedding ceremony, it’s going back and watching each person separately leading up to it and that immediately after.

Seriously, go back and watch it a few times. Focus on a different person each time.

(via Viral Gvng)

That reminds me of when this little kid ruined the bride’s walk down the aisle.