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The War Between Parents And Technology Continues (35 Pics)

We all want to make fun of mom for not understanding technology until we can’t figure out how to turn our new TV on and then it’s Big Tech’s fault. Okay, so maybe it’s just me and I’m not the most technology-savvy person either, I’ll admit it!

It’s not easy to keep up with all the new tech fads when honestly, you don’t really care about them. Parents seem to take the cake on who doesn’t understand tech the most and luckily, they have us to help them out. 

People online love to share their parents struggle with technology and we love to laugh at it with them because hey, this is going to be us soon. 

It’s so close I can almost taste it. 

1. “My mom said her charging cable doesn’t always work when she plugs it in.”

2. “My mom looking at a picture on my phone…zooming in to see the detail”

3. This mom, who just needs a push in the right direction:

4. This dad, who didn’t flip the camera as his daughter was getting proposed to:

5. “Mom, what is that on your iPhone?” “Oh, I needed to remember my friend’s phone number”

6. “Photos I take of my mom vs photos she takes of me”

7. “How many tabs my mom has open. All. The. Time.”

8. This grandma, who had infinite tabs open on her phone’s Internet browser:


9. “This mom who apparently hates her email:”

10. This dad, who issued a very polite response to spam mail:

11. “My mom just asked why the SD card wouldn’t fit in the computer at Rite Aid.”

12. “We have plenty of charging cables and my mom has decided to use this one

13. “This mom who, at the very least, organized her chaos into folders:”

14. “Just found out why my moms laptop wasn’t charging”

15. “Mom charges her phone in a cake pan because she heard they “blow up.”

16. “This mom whose phone probably overheated every time she surfed the web:”

17. She wasn’t about to throw away a perfectly good screen protector…

18. My mom is very bad with technology, and she finally upgraded from her iPhone 4s to an iPhone 7

19. My girlfriend’s mom brought this into my job and asked us to fix it…

20. This mom, who took a screenshot of her phone by photocopying it:

21. Annnnd this one, who wanted to make sure her kids saw Apple’s updated privacy policy:

22. “my friends mom photocopied her phone for some recipes”

23. This mom, who’s been using her screen protector’s film instead of an actual screen protector this entire time:

24. “I ordered my mom a new phone, case, and screen protector on prime day. The phone came before everything else, but she wanted to make sure her phone was protected…”


25. This dad, who “transferred” photos like this:

26. This mom, who accidentally told the world she was pooping:

27. These grandparents, who input a very important search into YouTube:


28. Weird Al’s aunt, who managed to capture his appearance on a talk show:

29. Just wanted to watch TV:


30. this mom, who’s just trying to watch Netflix season 6:

31. And this dad, reading text on his iPhone using a magnifying glass:

32. Why did she print this out. 

33. Aw Gran

34. So that’s …. too many tabs. 

35. We almost had it!