When You Have One More Thing To Design But It’s 4:00 On Friday (19 Crappy Designs)

As someone who has worked his fair share of bullshit jobs, I’ve also had my fair share of bullshit managers. The kind of manager who drops something on your desk knowing fully well that you’re off for the weekend in less than an hour. Do you rush the job and get out on time? Do you take pride in your work and stay late? Do you steal a bunch of office supplies and quit? I’ve done all three and recommend rushing. Kind of like these folks did.

1. A new pole shows biking to work sucks.

2. The placebo effect?

3. 20% less parking because you have 20% less legs.

4. That’s cheating though.

5. Like a glove.

6. Hey, if you can dribble on gravel you can dribble anywhere.

7. 2 children enter, only one child leaves. You just save 50% on college tuition.

8. Morrisons: Being a dick since 1899

9. Watch out for that first step. It’s a doozy.

10. Also, all of the other steps.