11 Servers Share Their Worst Customer Experiences

Some people think that they don’t need to tip their servers if they don’t feel like to. Maybe they don’t believe in tipping culture or think it should be directly related to how well the server does and aren’t impressed with their work. Tipping culture is definitely weird, but thats not a good excuse for not tipping someone who just waited on you. It’s almost always coming from someone who has never waited tables. 

It’s always exciting to see servers do something about bad customers. Chasing someone down to give them back the mere pennies they left you for a tip is standing up for yourself in the funniest way possible. 

Seriously, if you have a problem with a server and are planning on not tipping them: talk to the restaurant manager. Chances are they will give you a different server and everyone will be much happier.

But if you decide tip pocket change I really hope you get chased down in the street. 

1. Good for her.

2. The manager knew she was right.

3. If you can’t tip, you can’t really pay. 

4. A king. 

5. Oh hell no. 

6. Don’t rip it up either. 

7. I thought things were going so well! 

8. I’m not your change purse. 


9. His reason for the bad tip was that servers make too much money. I would have rather he said the service was bad or something.


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10. You better hope you can run! 

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11. Aren’t you supposed to pick what you eat? 

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