A Lot Of Things Didn’t Happen This Week, But These Didn’t Happen The Most (17 Pics)

Hi everyone! I’m on vacation this week so instead of the top things that didn’t happen this week, I curated a best of all-time list for you! These absolute bangers are evergreen insane fables from people who are definitely lying through their teeth.

Hope these make your eyes roll as mine did!

1. A single tweet with layers of being uncool.

2. “Coffee.” Not the elevator pitch? 0/10 salesman skills.

3. I was the dog.

4. I love seeing call outs!

5. It’s that simple!

6. I am not brave enough. Thank you, Netflix.

7. So then I just walked into the cockpit.

8. Maybe his mom works there.

9. Drag her.

10. He ripped his name tag off and fed it to the fish too.

11. The robbers have bills to pay, ma’am.

12. If you’re that strong you should be used to needles by now.

13. See a doctor.

14. They took me in the back and I defeated Ronald McDonald himself.

15. The punctuation is out of control.

16. Fun fact, Hawaiian pizza is very popular, so unless this guy goes into his pocket $100/night to keep people from having it, seems made up.

17. And, ok, this one went viral last week, and could easily have happened, but I get the feeling, based on her Twitter feed, that the OP saw the opportunity for a joke here and landed it…perfectly.

Hannah Riley

Hannah Riley a comedy writer and content editor with ADHD living in Seattle, Washington.