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Yea That’s Not How Girls Work — 39 Of The Dumbest Things Men Have Ever Said About Women’s Bodies

I had no idea that there were men alive on this planet who have never actually spoken to a woman, but all of this evidence shows they unfortunately exist. 

Sometimes men say insane things about women like that they shouldn’t wear pants, should stay home, or that they should wear their makeup in a certain way. These are pretty huge red flags that this person just flat out hates women if they don’t actually like any of the qualities about them. Sorry you got rejected once in high school and made it your whole personality, but it’s really not our fault. Big yikes. 

Here are some of the wrongest opinions ever posted by men about women.

1. So Apparently, Girls Can’t Wear Pants

2. Because An Expensive Car Is Going To Make You Less Creepy

3. We’re Not Dogs

4. Ideal Wife Criteria

5. Is There A Source For Women?

6. Ladies, Be Warned About The Power Of Ankle Bracelets

7. Well Done Buddy, You Just Figured Out That Human Beings Don’t Enjoy Being Insulted

8. Let’s Hope Lucifer Has A Big Party Planned For 2021

9. I’m No Expert But I Think It’s Because It Hurts????

10. Wow, And I Never Even Knew

11. No Pink Tax! Progress! 

12. Those Two Likes Speak For Themselves. 

13. Is The Ideal Candidate 4’10?

14. Lmao This Man Has Truly Ascended

15. Pollution Is Everywhere Nowadays

16. Honestly? Good For Them. 

17. Yikes.

18. Yes, Because I Actually Want A Completely Dependent Creature At A Time Where I Can’t Even Afford My Own Food, That’s Why I Have A Cat

19. Someone Please Explain To Me Why Men Are So Insistent On Making Claims And Assumptions About Spaces They’ve Never Been In?!

20. Are You Talking About Magpies Or Women?

21. Guess I’m Brainwashed

22. Btw This Guy Still Believes That Arranged Marriages Are The Way To Go

23. Why Do I Feel Like This Guy Isn’t One Of Them? 

24. Something Tells Me This Person Has Never Had A Girlfriend

25. Good Thing We Always Smell Nice Because We’re Totally Insufferable

26. “Women Are Children You Can Have Legal Sex With”

27. “This Tweet Is From 1834”

28. I Don’t Think This Guy Has Ever Had A Girlfriend

29. Protect Her From Overthinking…?

30. You’ve Heard It Here Folks… I Guess Lesbian Sex Don’t Exist

31. Because All Girls Spend All The Money

32. A Clip Of A Hunting Shark Somehow Turned It Into This

33. This Person Needs: Electric Chair

34. Uh, No We Aren’t

35. Women Who Own Horses Aren’t “Wife Material”

36. Oh, So That’s The Reason Why I’m Bad At Math! I’m A Woman. Obviously

37. Not How Lesbians Work

38. Had To Repost, But Girls Just *love* Being Stalked

39. “This Showed Up On My Facebook Memories So I Can’t Recall What Book It’s From, But I Know It’s From An 11th C. Text”