30 People Who Should Probably Start Looking For Another Job

Have you ever messed something up so bad, your coworker was left speechless? I’ve heard people say, “If you do something wrong enough, they won’t ask you to do it again.” That might be the case here…but more likely you don’t get asked again because you most definitely lost your job. 

These people messed up so bad, there’s no way someone didn’t look at them and say, “You had one job and you messed it up.” I wish these people good luck in their job search. Hopefully you have other jobs to put on your resume. 

1. “F**k plastic” 

2. You don’t even like your own products!

3. They tried their best. 

4. “I feel so safe.”

5. “Slenderman is crying”

6. Looks like this person already put their two weeks in. 

7. Say goodbye to your precious ninja turtles. 

8. Check for reading comprehension next time. 

9. They might not sell many of these. 

10. Looks good to me! 

11. “Clock that has hung on our wall with 20 years. Needless to say it gets confusing sometimes.”

12. “Don’t worry boss, I wrote”

13. “One Of My Mum’s Employees Accepted This As Payment!”

14. Whoever did this is dead. 

15. What a waste. 

16. “ouch, ouch and ouch. Just .. why??”

17. “How Is This So Common?”

18. Covered the fire alarm…

19. “Coincidence? don’t think so”

20. I’ll take it from here, thanks. 

21. “Turn RLIEGFHT”

22. “Forever Cone”

23. “Whoever did this is done.”

24. “Finished labeling the package, boss.”

25. “Someone Accidentally Set Off The Fire Suppression System In A Military Hangar”

26. “Try Not to rage”

27. Looks good to me! 

28. Maybe check the tweet before hitting send. 

29. “My friend’s carpenter saw nothing wrong with how he installed the closet doors”

30. Just like you ordered.