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People Are Arguing Over What’s The Worst Candy Ever Made

Candy flavors should be one of the least controversial topics in my opinion, but my opinion is just one of many flooding the Internet every second.

Right now, opinions about candy flavors are what people are sharing and it all started because someone dared to badmouth Twizzlers, a licorice candy that remains popular despite being licorice.

Twitter user @dprsahi is mad about Twizzlers, though presumably they don’t buy or eat them so I don’t know what harm the red ropes are doing.

“WHO TF IS KEEPING TWIZZLERS IN BUSINESS,” they wrote in all caps.


Um, a lot of people! Twizzler has a stranglehold on the candy economy, at least based on people’s replies:

There were of course some fellow Twizzler haters, who want to see more Twizzler slander on the timeline:

But from there the debate opened up even more. Twitter user @MoniNextDoor seemed to be subtweeting that viral thread, asking how anyone could say anything about Twizzlers when circus peanuts are still in circulation:

Once the floodgates opened, it was revealed that everyone has a problem with every candy ever made:

My theory is that a lot of candies have been in circulation so long that people’s tastes have change generationally, so if you’re not raised eating a certain candy from a certain age now and then, it’ll taste really weird later on. Like, what flavor is a Jujube supposed to have exactly?

Just let everyone like what they like. Too many other things are controversial for movie snacks to join the list of divisive topics out there.