This Online Group Shares The Most Ridiculously Pretentious Food They’ve Ever Seen (25 Pics)

For better or worse, restaurants continue to innovate. Whether they’re taking an old recipe and deconstructing it, or serving a delicacy like sushi on a living human person, there’s no limit to how weird food can be.

Honestly, I’m kind of glad my fancy restaurant days are over. I now go to a bar with outdoor seating that’s minutes from my house, and that’s about it.

If I want to ruin a burger, I’ll do it from the safety of my own home. Fortunately, there are still many foodies out there in the world taking photos of the stupid food they see.

These intrepid food reporters then post photos on Reddit for all of us to laugh at.

Here are some funny photos of the stupidest food anyone’s ever seen:

1. Today I learned there’s a place offering “pancake sushi.”

2. That doesn’t look like food. Looks like the opposite.

3. Lobster Ice-Cream. Why not?

4. Apple pie from a local restaurant that’s delicious but impossible to eat.

5. When you want your sushi to kill you on your first bite. Grain of rice make’s it technically a roll.

6. Mmm. Fancy Banana Water.

7. A Big Mac Salad in a glass.

8. Someone found this on Instagram and no one can figure out what the food is.

9. When you invite Tesla over for a meal.

10. Canada does it again with “poutine sushi.”

11. Ice cream in a doughnut with a “shot” of espresso.

12. Another beautiful burger idea: a bunch of burnt cheese.

13. Frosting on a burger for when you want to die young.

14. A soft shell crab in a bloody mary.

15. Avocado has gone too far.

16. Sushi croissant.

17. Potatoes at fancy restaurant painted like rocks.

18. Beef stroganoff tacos. No.

19. Deconstructed Greek Salad.

20. The fancy fries that offer an escape.

21. Deconstructed coffee.

22. Excuse me waiter. Yes, there’s a rib in my burger.

23. Alfredo Burrito.

24. The Michelada that doesn’t look completely finished. Do you eat the cans?

25. A handful of jam from an upscale place.

h/t Reddit: r/StupidFood