25 Gross School Lunches Kids Have Actually Been Served

The lunch lady is an indelible figure in our childhood memories. She may have been a little gruff and world-weary but serving screaming kids lunch is a thankless task so who can blame her? What shouldn’t escape blame, however, is the food itself. The word food may actually be too generous for the various iterations of slop and loaf that a school kid encounters when pushing their tray down that grim line.

For every glorious Pizza Friday there are days where the food is unrecognizable at best and indigestible at worst.

Here for your appetite-deleting pleasure is a buffet of school lunches that weren’t fit for human consumption

1. This extra-fresh chicken

2. This “hamburger”

3. This wiener worst

4. This obvious cat food

5. This pizza that looks like Mr. Burns’ ancient teddy bear

6. This pitiful effort

7. The Taco Bell Sludge-Lover’s Platter

8. This hockey puck

9. John Carpenter’s Lasagna

10. “Pretty sure my school just took a shit in a cup and served it to me”