Your Stomach Might Just Thank You For These McDonald’s Menu Hacks (22 Pics)

Fast food makes life worth living. It also may shorten said life. These McDonald’s menu hacks, however, are sure to make up for the stern talking-to your doctor may or may not give you at your next visit. Not every meal will be your cup of tea, but you’ll be thinking about them the next time you’re in the drive-thru.

1. The McFlurry Cookie Sandwich

Add the ice cream to the cookies and live your best life.

2. Happy Meal Plate

You can use the box as a plate!

3. The McChicken Big Mac

For people who want more than one animal in their meal.

4. The Cheapest Sausage Egg McMuffin

Order a Sausage McMuffin and then add an egg and you will finally prove your dad wrong about not knowing the value of $0.33.

5. Throw Some Eggs on That Burger.

They serve brunch all day too if you’re smart!

6. A Low-carb McGriddle

If you order two sausage patties, two eggs, and two slices of cheese, you can get a smile for free. It’s you. You’re smiling.

7. The Affogato

Just because they stopped serving the international menu, doesn’t mean you can’t bring the taste of Italy to Scranton or wherever you are right now.

8. Use The Flap On The Fries For Ketchup

This is the height of human technology. Your move Elon Musk.

9. The Ol’ Buy In Bulk

Count your children. Count how much it would cost to buy them each a Happy Meal. Put googly eyes on a popsicle stick and tell them that’s the toy that came with the meal.

10. A Hashbrown Cheeseburger

Don’t knock it til you’ve tried it.