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McDonald’s Free Food Scam TikTok Sparks A Debate Online

TikTok is an app full of hacks, and this recent one better be on McDonald’s’ radar.

One user is going viral for a prank they recently played on a McDonald’s worker.

The objective is to have a group of friends in a car and drop one off near the drive-through prior to ordering.

You’ll see where this goes.

The video shows the McDonald’s worker at the drive-through about to hand the driver their order.

But is stunned when someone races between the car and the drive-through window and grabs the bag out of their hand.

And you have to watch closely because this person could either be related to Usain Bolt of be Usain Bolt himself.

See that little blur? There they are!

Obviously, the McDonald’s drive through worker is left to wonder wtf just happened.

The point of stealing the bag is to make it look like it was someone not associated with the vehicle.

Now here is where the “hack” is revealed. The McDonald’s workers will have to remake the order.

If you’re following along, the person who stole the original order is one of the car’s passengers. The order remake is also going to the car.

An extra order of McDonald’s for free.

The video received 1.3 million views and 179K likes.

People were split on how to react. There were many people applauding the ingenuity.

But… there were just as many users criticizing the prank.

We’ll let you determine your own stance on the hack.