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People Are Sharing Food They Think Others Are Only Pretending To Like (20 Posts)

How many times have you seen your social media feed flooded with some new and trendy food that everyone seemed to love? And how many times have you actually tried that food, only to realize that everyone might be crazy? It’s not unusual for folks to hop on the latest food crazes, even if they’re just not that great.

In a recent Reddit thread, people are dishing on the foods that they swear everyone is only pretending to enjoy.

The juicy discussion began after one user asked the question: “What food do you swear people only pretend to like?” Folks did not hold back with their responses, and it seems some people have been waiting to get this off their chest. Answers included everything from oysters and octopus to cheese and LaCroix.

That said, here are 20 foods and drinks that people think are completely overrated.

1. Vegan cheese

Whoever claims to like it is lying. I’ve been looking for a good nondairy cheese substitute now for 13 years and I still haven’t found it.


2. IPA beers

Some beers are great but I don’t understand the obsession with hops and drinking something that tastes like leaves.


3. Oysters

They taste like dirty sea water and have the extremely unappealing texture of snot.


4. Chicken breast

It’s the biggest trick played on society. Dark meat is SO much better. If you don’t prefer chicken thighs, you’re lying to yourself.


5. Escargot

The sheer amount of melted butter and garlic that it’s prepared with tells me enough to know that no one actually likes the snail part.


6. All things cauliflower

Cauliflower ‘rice,’ ‘pizza,’ ‘wings,’ or any other perversion of this vegetable. Man, I feel bad for cauliflower. It never asked to be turned into bad chicken wings or fart-flavored rice.


7. Crawfish

I’m from the South so I eat it often, but IMO it’s so much work for so little reward. I really think people just enjoy the spices, corn, potatoes, and cold beer. If crawfish weren’t covered in delicious spices and so revered by Southern culture, no one would actually want to eat it.


8. LaCroix

LaCroix sparkling water. It tastes as if someone ate fruit and then burped into a can of carbonated water.


9. Lutefisk

Lutefisk caused a church in Arlen, Texas, to burn down.


10. Chitterlings

FYI to everyone. All black people don’t like these. My mom swears I ate them when I was a kid and liked them. No way. I can’t get past the smell.


11. Hot sauce

You just want to feel like a bad ass telling everyone how you like your 100000000 schovel hot sauce.


12. Beets

It tastes like dirt and it turns your urine and BMs bright red, which makes you panic for a few seconds before you remember you actually just ate beets and are not, in fact, dying.


13. Octopus

Let’s be honest: It tastes like hardened chewing gum without any flavor that occasionally gets stuck in your throat.


14. American cheese

I really don’t believe that anyone actually enjoys the taste of this fake, plastic food.


15. Black licorice

It’s the worst flavor imaginable and it lingers in your mouth long after you take a bite.


16. Well-done steak

Cooking it for too long completely destroys the flavor and texture. You might as well just save yourself some money and buy chicken instead.


17. Quinoa

Tell me, in what world are these flavorless grainy bits of sand considered appetizing?


18. Capers

Every bite is a gross little explosion of salt and sadness.


19. Bittermelon

My parents swear by it not being bitter, but I think they’ve just been conditioned by their upbringing. It’s called bittermelon for one thing.


20. Kale

Jim Gaffigan said it best “it tastes like bug spray”