4-Year-Old Tries To Rat Her Dad Out For Cheating By Saying Someone Left A ‘Bra’ In His Car

Kids say the darndest things–right? No matter how old they get, our kids know just how to make everything seem a bit awkward and hilarious, just by behind themselves.

This week, one Twitter user got himself in a bit of jam with his wife when their 4-year-old daughter tried to “jam him up” by claiming her mother “left her bra in daddy’s car.”

Little did his daughter know, her mother hadn’t been in their car for weeks, so obviously she was angry and suspicious.

As it turns out, his daughter was a bit off in her “bra radar.”

After seeing it was clearly not a bra, the dad was relieved.

But, Twitter couldn’t stop laughing over the fact that his 4-year-old daughter tried ratting him out. What a savage.

Some said that the father should use it against her when she’s older.

Others think the daughter had a plan the whole time.

Word to the wise–when it comes to daughters, they’ll always side with Momma.