People In This Online Group Are Sharing Things That “Aged Like Milk” (35 Posts)

If you live long enough, you’re going to end up eating your words. That’s just a fact of life.

Thanks to online groups like r/AgedLikeMilk and the popular Twitter account Poorly Aged Things, many of these freshly baked humble pies are being served daily.

Here are some of the best ones people have shared in the past month or so…

1. 😬

2. “At once!”




6. Apple: Always affordable.

7. “Under no circumstance”




11. That will solve your problems for sure. 

Via: Poorly Aged Stuff

12. 25 Bitcoins are now worth about $1.4 million.

Via: Poorly Aged Stuff

13. Well…some of us will. 

Via: Poorly Aged Stuff

14. I hope no one took this advice. 

Via: Poorly Aged Stuff

15. It really, really shouldn’t be. 

Via: Poorly Aged Stuff

16. Can’t decide which part is funnier, peace or curing diseases.

17. The map for 2020 is just red everywhere. 

18. Whoopsies. 

19. Or one more year in house arrest misery.

20. Sorry buddy.

21. Just the one? 

22. Nice. 

23. Turns out they were. 

24. The uncovered video is the worst part here. 

25. The fandom is shrinking. 

26. No one wants to put Winnie-the-Pooh in a meat grinder. 

27. This hurts to read.

28. RIP Blockbuster.

29. This is heartbreaking. 

30. Now he’s DEAD. 

31. Can’t see why no one listens to Jeff!

32. Rest In Peace, King. 

33. This one is pretty accurate. 

34. No one tell him there is a delete button. 

35. How did Sharon become the leading video game expert?