The Best Funny Pictures Of Today’s Internet

If you take the slices of meat you put on a sandwich and put the bread in the center, would you consider it a sandwich still?

I mean, it’s more of a wellington really, isn’t?

But if you’re still picking it up and eating it with two hands, it should still be considered a sandwich, because that’s how you eat a sandwich.


Whattaya say you dive on into the best funny pictures the Internet has for you today and I go realize why I don’t have any friends?

funny pic of make sure elevator is there sign

cute photo of cat sitting in pot

funny picture of cakes in the shape of dad heads

cute photo of cat in hood of sweater

funny pic of facebook reply seven years later

cute photo of cat looking at self in mirror

funny pic of what your mother sees balcony leaning

cute photo of cat doesn't fit it box anymore

funny pic of

funny picture of dog in back of car staring at me

funny pic of man arrested trying to save bee from fire headline

cute photo of cat thinks the screen door moved

funny pic of car decal of me and your mom

funny picture of ducks in dumpster full of bread

funny pic of dog humping turkey text

funny picture of cousin takes pictures of lizards

funny pic of private school lemon on drinking fountain

funny picture of dachsund loves how grass tickles nipples

funny pic of reservoir dogs looking at actual dogs in trunk

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