The Best Funny Pictures Of Today’s Internet

Well, here we are yet again.

Another day that isn’t a weekend day.

Why do these days even exist?

The good news is you now get to spend the next couple minutes looking at the best funny pictures of today’s Internet instead of doing any work.

And for all I care, you can click around on the site afterwards.

I won’t tell your boss.

It’ll be our little secret.

Have at it.

funny photo of wrong number text about puppies

funny pic of sign says dogs welcome inside please tie children

funny pic of corgi cookie fail

funny pic of fidget spinner classic edition, pencil and ruler

funny pic of mom says not to use that senior picture

funny photo of how do i land sky writing

funny picture of mannequin sitting like teacher

funny photo of golden retiver.exe crashed, dog with head in the ground

funny picture of donald trump mein covfefe mein kampf

funny picture of woman with a tall hat in background of new report

funny photo of fake balloon prank

funny photo of hitman cat, cat throwing dog down

funny image of send nudes text picture of rick and morty

funny image of the mummy poster umm subway tweet

funny photo of cat looks like sphinx

funny image of pizza delivery girl finished the job even after car crash

funny photo of swan looks like a snake

funny image of dog looking out window like in a sad music video

funny picture of pigeon poops black if car is white and white if car is black

funny photo of funniest book dedications

(h/t Pleated Jeans, The Meta Picture, Waste The Day Away, Tastefully Offensive, We Should Be Working, Reddit)

Don’t cry. There are plenty more funny pictures just waiting to be laughed at.