Let’s All Cringe At Jon Bon Jovi Reluctantly Singing With The Band At A Wedding He Attended

Imagine all of the pros that come from being Jon Bon Jovi.

You’re rich.

You’re famous.

You’re a legend. Your songs will be remembered and sung along to long after you’re gone.

Now imagine all the cons about being him.

You can’t go out and grab a coffee without some idiot singing a part of one of your songs to you off key.

You’re settling for doing lame DirecTV ads in your old age.

And…you not only have to sit through a wedding band doing an awful rendition of one of your most popular songs at a private wedding you’re attending, you’re pretty much pressured against your will to get up and sing with them.


I dare you to watch this thing and not feel bad for the poor guy.

I mean, look at this face. Have you ever seen someone trying so hard to smile while clearly thinking, “Let this go god damn it, I don’t want to get up there.”

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(via: Cool Coconut Studios, h/t Barstool Sports)