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Allow This Car Glovebox To Play You Some Light Jazz

This is so dumb.

I’m warning you.

This is exactly the kind of mindless thing you shouldn’t even bother wasting your time on.

But if you’re like me, that just makes you want to check it out even more.

Anyway, in the most random video you’ll see today, whenever the owner of this car opens the glove box, he gets a private jazz performance.

Yes, his car plays light jazz. And not through the radio.

Go ahead and give it a listen so you can be disappointed that a car glove box is more musically talented than you are.

And then be sure to check below the video for a hilarious bonus.

And of course, someone decided to take the beautiful jazz stylings of this car’s glove box and remix it into something I demand they start playing at every single club in America:

(via stuffwhatidone)

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Max Miller

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