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This Artist Creates Bizarre Celeb Mashups No One Asked For (25 Pics)

Every wondered what Eminem and Jim Carrey would look like if they were mashed into one person for some reason? Probably not. Well have you ever wondered what Barack Obama and Ted Bundy would look like if they were one person? Maybe not that one either.

Well, luckily for the six people who ever had that thought, Instagram account @arkanememes makes really bizarre celebrity mashups and even gives them a new, mashed up name. The artist, Arkane Lowe, is from Las Vegas and has been at the celeb mashup game long before deep fakes were a thing. 

Disclaimer: We are pretty sure we can’t be held liable if any of these haunt your nightmares. 

1. Eminem and Emma Watson

2. Hulk Hogan and Mia Wallace

3. Will Ferrel and Dr. Phil

4. Michael Jackson and Drake

5. Ben Stiller and Vin Diesel

6. Snoop Dogg and Mike Tyson

7. Nicolas Cage and Nickleback

8. Taylor Swift and Steven Tyler 

9. Elton John and Ron Swanson

10. Kim Jong-Un and Ron Swanson

11. Donald Trump and John Wayne

12. Nicholas Cage and Mick Jagger

13. Charlie Sheen and Captain Picard

14. Barack Obama and Ted Bundy

15. Kim Jung-Un and Tim Allen

16. Lebron James and Conway Twitty

17. Justin Timberlake and Tim Burton

18. Elton John and John Goodman

19. Post Malone and Matt Damon

20. Bradley Cooper and Snoop Dogg

21. Jim Carrey and Eminem

22. Guy Fieri and Harry Potter

23. Jigsaw and Mike Tyson

24. Dwight Schrute and Walter White

25. Dwayne Johnson and Shania Twain