Chinese Restaurant Owner Gives Hilarious Responses To Bad Reviews

The internet dug up some bad reviews of a Leeds-based Chinese takeaway restaurant and the owner’s responses are quickly making her an icon.

It’s not that the restaurant is bad. It’s just that Alice, its 50-year-old owner, isn’t having any of it when a bad review crosses her path.

Take for instance, this kind and loving example Alice offers this one-star review:

Alice straight up told Carrie to GTFO and never come back. And Carrie kinda deserved it.

However, if you leave a pleasant review, Alice goes just as hard. Check out her responses to Melinda and Christopher.

They even got the emoji treatment.

So nice!

But it’s not just the one-star reviews that get the Alice treatment. Leanne dared to leave two and a half stars.

And you know what? A lot of these people deserve it. Like Laura, for example, who complained about something that was right in the description of her dish.

Alice even responds to the people who just leave stars, not detailing why they did not enjoy the experience.

There’s a reason Alice doesn’t hold back when it comes to her responses to the negative reviews. As she told Leeds Live, “[Negative] reviews tend to put business owners down and demotivate them, I want to be realistic. I think reviews should be honest and not corporate responses.”

Anyone who has ever reached out to a business and received a corporate response can definitely relate to Alice’s sentiment.

Bored Panda reached out to the now-iconic restaurant and received this response:

“I had no idea they would go viral! It really just blew up overnight, we did think some of the responses were cheeky but within right reason.”

We think so too.

You can read more reviews here.