20 Times Internet Comments Were Both Respectful AND Hilarious

Internet comments are known for getting a little out of hand, but every once in a while, we come across some that are so passively respectful, we can’t decide if it’s wrong to agree.

1. Coors Light lovers…you know it’s true.

2. The newest model…”Botox Juke”

3. She’s not wrong.

4. Valid question.

5. K-pop fans enlistment rate may go up.

6. Creepy skeleton chair or cake?

7. Megan gang

8. Thanks for the clarification.

9. Don’t remember this dinosaur in Jurassic Park…

10. He’s forever walking in the Mii parade.

11. Please.

12. Fair.

13. Got em.

14. Just missing the iron print.

15. “Bikini Bottom Glamping Experience”

16. Poor guy.

17. Now wait just a second…

18. Interesting thought…

19. Even animals simp.

20. Belieber’s, don’t get any ideas.