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Couple Savagely Trolls Persistent Dude Sliding Into Wife’s Messages

A man named Larry Stone found the perfect way to deal with a man who was persistently hitting on his wife Emmalee: He sent him nudes…of himself.

Stone shares screencaps of the conversation between his wife (and secretly, himself) and a man named Adam Smith in a Facebook post that has racked up 124,000 reactions, 27,000 comments, and over 172,000 times since Sunday.

“So while laying next to my wife she tells me another guy keeps messaging her wanting to take her out etc.” wrote Stone.

“She tells him she clearly married and then he offered to pay her money and keep it a secret HAHA So we decided to play along with him…Watch the video for the out come…” adding this warning: “BEWARE YOU MAY NEVER KNOW WHO MIGHT BE ON THE OTHER SIDE.”

During the conversation, Adam Smith becomes aggravated when Emalee opens his Facebook message but doesn’t respond.

When she does reply, it’s to say that she is married. To this, Smith offers her money for a secret and casual date. “Nothing sexual,” he promises, “just good food and good conversation. Our secret.”

Emalee responds with a “lemme think about it” and a sexy selfie of her butt.

“Does that answer your ?” she asks, to which Smith replies, “YES, OH MY F*CKING GOD!!!” Like, whoa, dude, chill.

“Emalee” gets Smith to say he “would totally dive in tongue first” if she let him…at which point, Emalee sends another picture. This one revealing that the previous butt belongs to her husband, Larry.

An angry Smith tells the couple (who he calls “kids”) to “f*ck off.” In return, they promise to blast him. And blast him they do!

Though the couple received some hate, most of the comments praised them, adding that Adam Smith got what was coming to him.


Agreed. Leave married women alone. Leave all women alone.