Look At This Crazy Note A Guy Received After Kicking Out His Roommate

Raise your hand if you’ve ever had a crazy roommate? Those of you who aren’t raising your hands, I’ve got news for you: You were it. If you’ve ever lived with someone else, stranger or friend, you’ve had to deal with some ridiculous shit. And it looks like Reddit user, NodnarboYO just got rid of one himself only to receive a note from said roommate. He had this to say about the crazy roommate note:

“I recently kicked my roommate out for multiple reasons. This is the letter he left behind on the day he finally left. Crazy person confirmed.”

Let’s take a look at the letter, shall we? (FYI: The letter is transcribed below since it’s a bit difficult to read.)

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“Dear B + N,

I will not be requesting my deposit back. I will leave behind various items of value as a final payment for any dues you believe may be left over. Some of these items include my tulip glasses, nerf guns, frisbees, this bag of lucky coins, half a jar of Chows Carrot Habanero hot sauce, and -most significant of all – this one of a kind blue dresser.

Do not attempt to contact me any further – we are done.


– Someone you used to know”

So, there you have it. Sounds like they were lucky to get rid of this person. Good riddance, nutjob.

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